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The Book of Blank Pages
A great book to use for meditation and helping improve your eyesight for reading.  This book was specifically written and designed to help attract a person's attention while reading.  Purchase the book and then email us to get the FREE Special Report:  Learning to See Clearly While Reading The Book of Blank Pages.  This Special Report is full of information that you can use to clear up your eyesight.  Available only to those that purchase the book.  Scroll down to purchase the book.

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The Book of Blank Pages

(Though the book is available, this video about it is currently not available.

Deceptively simple, don't be fooled by the title.  The Book of Blank Pages was written specifically to help people sharpen their attention and relax while looking at text.

When people who use glasses read books or other text held in hand, there is a level of mental stress/strain.  This book is designed especially to help a person re-learn how to look at a book with a relaxed mind

Purchase the book and take a look at what is on page 57.  Send us an email with the information on that page, and we'll send you the special instructions that will teach you how to use the Book to improve your eyesight for reading, for FREE!

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The book really has more than one level of meaning.  Reading through the book and doing what it says, following the directions it gives, is a way of quieting your mind.  One of my mentors, a very, very, wise and spiritual person has said that learning to quiet one's mind is one of the most powerful tools available to people.  When you learn to quiet your thoughts the mysteries of the universe open up before you.

The book is also set up specifically to help a person relax while reading, and that is the KEY to improving your eyesight.  Don't worry about what you think you should be able to see.  Instead notice what you do see without trying at all.  As your mind quiets down and you begin to look at things like the location of text or the page number on the page, you will be in fact learning to look again in the way a person with normal eyesight does.

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